Totally Obsessed With: Jewel Scent

I have been meaning to do this review since I restarted this blog. It was going to be my first review, but after seeing DeadPool, I put it aside to do that first. Then I got lost in the land of books, and subscription services and life.  So I am finally coming around to it, I have decided to do in addition to my normal reviews a spotlight feature, which I’m going to call “Totally Obsessed With:”. When I discover something so great I want to tell everyone about it, that’s going to be the criteria.

First and foremost, Jewel Scent is part of the emerging trend of Jewelry candles.  This is essentially a cracker jack box for women- a great smelling candle that a ring is hidden in.  There are different companies such as Diamond Candles, Prize Candle, Fragrant Jewels, and my favorite, Jewel Scent.  Diamond and Prize candle as far as I know surprise you with  a ring that could be ANY size. As with most jewel candles, the ring hidden in your candle has worth: they can be anywhere from $10 to $10,000.  When you discover your ring in your candle; hidden beneath foil and carefully wrapped in plastic, there is a code which you log on to the website provided to check and see how much your ring is worth.  The higher the price, as in over $100 or so, you get a special colored  token or code that you can go online and order the ring in your size.

Usually before I come around to actually trying something out, I research wheather or not it’s a good idea by googling reviews and comparing it to other similar products. This was no different. I had discovered Diamond Candles first, thinking it was the only one of it’s kind.  Their candles sell for $25 and when I saw my nail tech had one in her office, I inquired about it. She seemed to like them, but didn’t care partiulary for the rings which she said averaged about $15. I hopped online and checked them out, and decided I would shelve the idea for Christmas. That would make a great present right?

So as I prepared for Christmas gifts, I researched the candles and came across some other companies and their reviews and comparisons. I had narrowed down my choices to Fragrant Jewels and Jewel Scent. Both had gotten great reviews as far as the worth of the rings in their candles and the scent.  One of the things that drew me to Jewel Scent was the ability to choose your ring size. This is what sold me.  Most of the other companies did not let you choose a size (although that may have changed in the last year I can’t be certain now) and the fact Jewel Scent did let you choose, made this a winner for me. Now I could personalize the gift more, and get a ring that would fit the intended person. I decided to wait until there was a good sale, which was Black Friday. I ordered 3 candles from the signature line: Peppermint Truffle, Sunset Soiree and Candied Amber. I ordered 2 in size 5 and the other in a size 6. I gave the Peppermint Truffle and the Sunset Soiree as gifts to people, and the Candied Amber was given to a gift exchange.  Because it was Black Friday, they had a deal where if you spent a certain amount, you got a $75 ring free with your order. Looking back on my order form, I spent $78 total with shipping on the 3 candles.  The Sunset Soiree was actually on sale and cost $17, while the other 2 were regular priced and cost $23 each.

The recipients all loved their candles.  They all txt me pictures of their rings, and how much they were.  All recipients rings ranged between $21 and $34.  At the gift exchange,

there was quite some buzz about the ring candle, and others said they wish that they had received it, which I noted. February came around and I decided to purchase a candle for a family member’s birthday gift. At the gift exchange she had raved about how cool the idea was, so I waited until there was a sale again,  and purchased 2 candles this time, one for her, and one for me.  The sale was if I spent over $35, I got a $10 ring free with my order.  I ordered 2 candles in the scent Peach Moscato, again from the Signature line.


Of course, my aunt loved her candle, and as soon as I unpacked mine, I was burning it. The $10 free ring shown above was beautiful and a size 5, since I ordered both candles with size 5 rings.  The candle itself smelled wonderful and had great scent.  It took about a day and a half to burn my candle down about 1/4 of the way where my ring was hidden.


My ring I received in my candle was worth $31. Not bad, right? Considering the candle itself cost $23, my ring cost $31 which was more than the price of my candle. I loved it too, perfect and pink. I was now seriously hooked.

For Mother’s Day I decided to purchase candles for the mothers I am getting gifts for.   These women have not yet received a jewel candle, so I’m pretty sure it will go over well. I purchase a candle from their Classic Collection, which are taller and thinner than the Signature Collection, and cost $24.99 instead of $23.99. That candle is Blush Peony scent.  I also purchased 2 Signature Collection scents, in Velvet Tube Rose and Golden Amber.  The sale this time was during Easter, and a select few products had easter eggs on their pictures. I purchased 3 candles with hidden eggs, which meant I got 3 free $10 rings with my purchase.

(If it does not show up, hold your mouse over the photos to see their prices listed)

I was surprised to discover when researching Jewel Scent, that they are a consultant driven company.  What I mean by that is, much in the same way you can sell PartyLite, you can sell Jewel Scent. Their parties can be held online, and you can earn rewards that get you jewelry that is NOT AVAILABLE to the public or found in candles as well as designer purses and even appliances.  I definitely think I will be hosting an online party in the future, after everyone has tried them out.

I can’t really say enough about the product, except that it sells itself. In addition to candles, Jewel Scent offers sugar scrubs, aroma beads, wax tarts and body cream; all of which hide a ring in them. Their rings claim to be anything from $20-$7,500 and as usual, the higher rings can be selected and ordered in a variety of size and style.

Thanks for checking out my spotlight “Totally Obsessed With:”. Until next time!