New Year, New Layout!


You may have noticed a change here at Plastic Stars & Pixel Hearts….

That’s because this year, I hope to learn a little bit more about blogging, and brush up on some coding (the last time I did any CSS was in 2007).  Please bear with me, and if you notice any errors don’t hesitate to let me know!

For someone who used to be really into .gifs and pixel art, I feel my blog is lacking a bit in the graphics department, and I hope to start incorporating a lot more artwork- from memes to animations and other sorts of graphics to help liven up these lengthy posts!

I’ve been a casual blogger, but this year I really would like to start learning more about blogging in-depth and what makes a blog good, as well as how to run a successful blog. If you’ve got tips or tricks, hit me up!

I’m always open to suggestions here as well, so if there is something you’d like to see on here, maybe a list or article you think I should cover, let me know!


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