Hello 2017!

Well, it’s official. 2016 is now a thing of the past. While many are grim about the era upon us for one reason or another ( the mass of celebrity deaths in 2016, Trump as President, global warming,  and other concerns), I am trying to turn over a new leaf.

Now, I’m not a “new year, new me” type person, and I very seldomly make a resolution and stick to it, but this year I have 2 resolutions I would like to try to stick with:

  1. Finish something all the way through.
    This is a big one. Having ADHD can be hard, especially if you are unmedicated. I have never been treated for my ADHD, and as an adult who has lived with this their whoel life, I’ve learned how to use it to my advantage, and how to work around it. However, I have that typical ADHD symptom of starting a hundred things and never finishing any of them, no matter how hard I try. I just loose steam and drop the commitment.  I’m setting this as a goal that I will start something(not a book, series, or game) and see it through.

2. Try to be healthier/take better care of myself.
This is the big one. I hate doctors in general, and I’ve said numerous times I’d rather not know I was dying, so I could continue to live peacefully until my ticket was up. I practically have to be in serious states to even GO to the doctors aside from physicals and check ups. I suffered strep throat a few years ago for 3 days before I went to the doctor and got put on antibiotics, and I only went because I couldn’t swallow or eat. I fell down steps a few years ago, and twisted my ankle. I elevated it and convinced myself I was fine until the next day when it puffed up and I couldn’t stand. It was sprained pretty bad, to the point I was in an air cast and on crutches and off work for a week. So, as part of my get healthy plan, I am going to TRY to make appointments to get checked over by a Dermatologist, and at least  make a gynecologist appointment (since it’s been awhile..lol)
I also plan on starting vitamins, specifically vitamins for hair, skin and nails with lots of Biotin, and also getting back on SkinnyMint TeaTox system, eating healthier and utilizing my Fitbit to help me reach my goals. I’m starting over with C25K, plan to exercise 3 times a week, drink 64 oz of water a day, and maybe just maybe join a Yoga or Zumba class.

I also intend to write a lot more, not just on here but in general. I enjoy writing, and I would like to finish one of the several “books” I have in limbo right now. It’s always been a dream of mine to publish a book, despite my ADHD and writers block getting in the way. I don’t want to say I’ll finish a book this year, but I will say I intend to shed a little more light on my lesser known talent.

Right now I think those are good goals, and I’m not going to try to overload myself. I’m hoping that our luck gets better with a lot of things, and I’m hoping that this will be a better year in general.

Cheers, and Happy New Year.



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