Episode 3 Living The Dream: Trot Con Columbus, Ohio

I know I have probably said it a million times, but I am truly lucky to have such great people in my life who I can truly be myself with, and vice versa. My husband is definitely one of those individuals.  This was going to be such a fun weekend, just the two of us. We didn’t get a vacation this year, so this was it for us.  Columbus is about 3 hours away from Pittsburgh, and we left about 7am, stopping once for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, and arriving at The Crowne Plaza around 10:30. This was the first time we had attended a convention in a hotel.  In 2014 we attended Brony Con, which was held in a large convention center, with surrounding hotels. Our hotel we stayed in was across the street from the con then, and now our con was IN the hotel we were staying at. We knew going into purchasing our tickets that Trot Con was NOT Brony Con- it was going to be much, much smaller, but what it lacked in size it made up for in programming. The programming went 24 hours- round the clock panels and discussions, an awesome concert, autographs, a cosplay contest, and John DeLancie. Freaking John DeLancie. Not even Brony Con could get him. We checked in, unloaded our bags and familiarized ourselves with the layout of the con- the vendor hall, the main ballrooms where the big events would be, and the salons where all the smaller panels would be held such as karaoke, history of my little pony, bronies and autism, etc. We were pretty lucky that our room was on the main floor of the convention, literally 2 doors down from the salons. This was great because we could get to everything quickly, but also sucked at 5am when some people were still partying from the night before and others were just getting up to attend panels.

After getting the lay of the land, we changed into our cosplays- Shining Armor and Princess Cadence; the royal couple.






I didn’t expect the reaction we got, regardless of the fact that MLP Cosplayers are notorious for going that extra mile and acting like their character they are portraying-as we walked around people bowed to me, and referred to me as your highness. I wasn’t in my costume for 30 minutes and a fellow cosplayer asked me to do the dance between Twilight and Cadence from one of the episodes, and at first I was taken aback- I couldn’t even remember it properly, and was nervous. after opening a bit and going through it once, we did it in perfect synchronization, and it was really fun.  This set the tone for the rest of the weekend.  The theme for the con this year was “The Horse Awakens” and everything was sci fi themed.  Dr. Who references, and Star Wars and Star Trek, and pretty much any other sci fi thing was part of this weekend.  Some Brony Community members were in attendance, such as Bronies React reviewers AnimatedJames, ILoveKimPossibleAlot (aka KP), and Bronies React newcomers, Fire Team Harmony.

Saturday was the big long day, as it usually is with most of the cons I’ve attended. Jeff and I rolled out our tried and true cosplays, Pinkie Pie and DJ Pon-3. Not only were we attending John DeLancie’s panel that day, but we were also participating in our first costume contest.

The costume contest was fun, and a little scary. My stomach tensed much in the way it would before I would step on stage and perform a choreographed dance number. The spotlights were so bright it drowned out the audience, which wasn’t as big as I had thought it would be, and that was probably a good thing. Of course, I was more surprised Jeff participated too, and while we didn’t win; I can say at least I’ve done a costume contest now, and I got a professional picture of me in my cosplay before I retired it. This was the 2nd to last time I wore my Pinkie Pie cosplay, as it had gotten me through several conventions, and was my best, go to cosplay.


We also got to meet Fire Team Harmony and get our photos with them. They were just as hilarious in person as they are in their videos.


Saturday night was also the night of the “Rave”. Brony Musicians playing all through the night.  We attended part of it, and danced and had a blast, but as 10:30 approached I felt like I was going to pass out and sleep for days.  We did a quick run to Tim Horton’s for coffee at 8:00pm, because after 7, I was ready for bed. That’s the only downfall to this convention- there’s so much to do you almost have to find a spot in your day where you have a gap where nothing is going on, so you can take a nap to recharge your batteries for the next onslaught of programming. Jeff wanted to check out some of the 18+ adult programming that went on during the night, but we ended up going to bed, after a good round of pony sing along karaoke.  During karaoke, we discovered a new song, by a Brony musician known as EileMonty, called “Three Day Party Weekend”. It sums up Brony conventions exactly perfectly. “Gotta jump in line for the next panels, run around the halls, trying to find our friends… in the dealer’s hall running out of money… it all goes down at this three-day party weekend”… truer words could not have been spoken.

Sunday was the end of the con, and we stayed until closing ceremonies at 6. We even won a shirt at the closing ceremony raffle.

The con itself was pretty small, with a whopping 800 people in attendance.  Experiencing the con in a hotel was pretty different, the Crowne Plaza being the nicest hotel I’ve stayed in for a con.  They even had a video game room with old pcs, and game consoles. Jeff spent some time in there rehearsing karaoke songs and I even played quite a few rounds of Duck Hunt.    I had a blast, but was definitely glad I had taken off the next few days.  Back to back conventions were exhausting as I knew they would be, but they were worth it. Jeff had a great time as well.  The fact that the con was much smaller, made it more intimate and personal which was different.  This was more of a community event, with reviewers and popular Bronies, and fans of varying ages, and cosplayers of all walks of life. We definitely enjoyed it and will consider it for next year.



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