I’ve missed you: Summer Recap

I’ve definitely been away from this blog longer than I anticipated, and a lot has been going on in my life that’s kept me pretty busy.

90% of July was conventions for me. The first convention was Supernstural the TV show with my Supernatural besties in our hometown of Pittsburgh, and immediately following the next weekend  my husband and I traveled to Ohio to attend TrotCon, a My Little Pony convention that was much smaller and more intimate than the fabled BronyCon which we’ve attended in the past, and then the end of July saw another hometown convention called Replay FX, a video gaming con I attended with my husband. August was another hometown con that we frequent called Steel City Con, which was the dry run for costumes for September’s Dragon Con in Atlanta. In between all the cons I was working my summer gig, attending concerts and paying off costumes and getting ready for the biggest con of the year ( to us) Dragon Con. 

I will be updating this blog with the next “Episodes” of My Cosplay Journey which should be up in the next few days so you can read all about my experiences at these very different, very fun conventions with very different fandoms. 

Also I will be posting some product n, and a few new subscriptions such as Marvel Collectir Corps, and Dollar Shave Club! Also some new book reviews,  recipes, and opinion pieces will be available as well.

See you soon!


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