June Subscription Review

I can honestly say that getting a couple subscription boxes has been pretty beneficial for me so far. I’ve accumulated well over $100 worth of make up and skincare products at least, not to mention other nifty items as well. This month I received my 2nd FabFitFun box as well as my monthly Ipsy bag:

This time I tried using FabFitFun’s add-ons, and I added a donut pool raft which was regularly $35, but as an add on unpaid $19, which brought my total up to $69.  I had seen the spoilers online and wasn’t super thrilled with the item selection but decided I would make a decision after receiving it and checking out the items. This is what I got:

Betchsicles. These are champagne bottle shaped Popsicle molds. The FFF book also included Popsicle recipes to make with  the molds. I a so received a stem cell exfoliating scub (which has plant stem cell in it don’t worry lol), 

beach wave spray,

 Compeed blister packs, Burt’s Bees foundation BB cream samples, 

a gift certificate for $35 off a box of Hello Fresh, 

A tote bag from Trina Turk

moisturizer from Osea

And lip gloss from passport to beauty

Since I used their ad on feature this round, I added a pool raft that is a doughnut with a bite out of it. I got it for $19 as an ad on, it retails for $35.

Over all I was not impressed when I saw the spoilers for the FFF bag, but a part in getting it, I can say it’s not as bad as I thought it would be, considering some of the items I will definitely use. I am obsessed with lipgloss so that will get used, the popsicle molds are something I’ve wanted to try, so that should be interesting. The other things I don’t normally use or have a lot of. The tote bag is really nice, but it’s not like I have a shortage of those. I am subscribed to Ipsy as well, so I get a fair amount of make up and skin care samples, which the sizes are usually pretty good. It’s going to be interesting to try the stem cell scrub and the moisturizer considering they are full-size products. The blister pads came a little late, when I needed them last week and the week before. I am excited to try Hello Fresh though. I’ve been playing around with the food subscription box idea for sometime now and comparing Blue Apron and Hello Fresh.  I also received a Yoga towel that doubles as a beach towel. It’s microfiber, peachy colored with chartreuse accent and embroidered “Dream big” on it. It’s pretty long too. I’ve been using it as my pool towel.

On to Ipsy.

I can honestly say Ipsy has been pretty good. With the exception of maybe one bag, I have liked pretty much every bag. The samples are decent sized, and perfect for me. This month the theme was rebel rebel. The design was very bright graffiti. I am not one to usually wear bright I make up or even bronzer, but this subscription has gotten me to try these things and actually like them. This month I received A gel  cream eyeliner by Color Pop! which was a copper color. In my first bag back in February I received it eyeliner that was a burgundy color that I didn’t like. Fast forward a few months, and I love the copper eyeliner. It actually pairs really nicely with the gold-ish copper eyeshadow  ( by Marrakesh X Nomad) I received last month. I also got a sample eyeshadow from Urban Decay which is a teal-ish gray. I really like Urban Decay, so I was happy to get this, but honestly the packaging makes it look bigger than it is. My Marrakesh X Nomad sample was bigger. I’m in love with the lipgloss I got this month from Be A Bombshell Cosmetics. It is titled ” famous” and is a very bright 80’s pink. It’s pretty bright for my usual taste, but I e worn it along with the eyeliner,  and the eyeshadow from last month and it looks amazing. I also wore it to see how it stacked up to my wig for TrotCon and was pleasantly surprised that it worked really well, so I will probably use it not just for regular outings, but chances are I’ll be able to wear it with both my Princess Cadence and Pinkie Pie Cosplays.Edit

I also received a 5 oil hair mask from Peter Lamas, and a stem cell moisturizer by Rodial. This must be a new trend, because that’s the second stem cell skincare item I got this month. Coincidence? I think not.

Overall I was pretty happy with my lot this month. The donut raft is always in the pool now, and I’m starting to really experiment with makeup looks now thanks to the interesting sample products I be gotten through Ipsy.

Can’t wait to see next month!


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