ModCloth Stylish Surprise

I have always been a fan of ModCloth’s clothing even though I didn’t actually own anything. I always peeked from the sidelines, oohing and awing at their cute, vintage boutique style. When I joined My Subscription, I saw a review for something called  ModCloth Stylish Surprise, so I read the review and discovered that ModCloth ran these “specials”, where you could sign up to get a mystery item, for a fraction of the price the items sold for. I was intrigued, but at the time there were no Stylish Surprise sales available, so I jumped on the list to be notified when they came around next.

I had somewhat forgotten about it until I was notified about a week ago when I was up very early for me ( I work at 3:30 in the afternoon, so 8- 9 am is early to me) that the Stylish Surprises were available, and had the most size and  style availability yet. Since they tend to sell out fast, I jumped at the opportunity not wanting to miss it.  I had read in the reviews that the clothing runs a little small, so size up from what you normally wear. I purchased one of each surprise: 1 Large Apparel which was promised to be a shirt or blouse or something of the such, 1 Large Dress, and 1 size 6 shoe. The  apparel and the dress were both $20, and the shoes were $15 which in my opinion isn’t a bad deal. With shiping, my total came to $59. The price alone can be the cost of 1 item from modcloth, so getting 3 items even though I had no idea what I was getting, was a good deal to me. I joined a Buy, Sell and Trade group for ModCloth on facebook, just in case I didn’t like what I got, I could in someway get something I DID like, but I have to say I was pretty impressed with what I got.


img_0686 I can’t tell if they are cats or bunnies, I’m more leaning on the side of bunnies, but I think I am going to say they are cats because I love cats.(I know, I know that doesn’t make them cats) These are the kind of shoes, that I would see in a store and eye up, thinking they are cute, but ultimately not buying them because they are too expensive. A look up on showed the company T.U.K. makes these in different animals, from cats (which look very different) to foxes, and other animals in between.  The look up told me I was right about the price: a whopping $59.99. The shoes alone cost more than what I paid for 3 items.



I tried looking up my other items on ModCloth to check their prices, but didn’t see them listed. ModCloth’s website has a lot of clothing, so I am sure if I combed the site for awhile I’d find them, but I have ADHD and am impatient.  The going rate for a dress on ModCloth despite the brand and excluding sale prices is about $59.99 and spans a variety of  styles and goes up to dresses that cost up to $200. I was worried I was going to get some strange print I didn’t care for, and was pleasantly surprised that the dress I got, is something I would have bought myself.


It has beautiful pleats, and though it’s a it more conservative in the top than my usual, I really like it. It even has a ribbon to tie around the waist, which is something of a trend with most of my casual formal dresses. ( I know casual formal isn’t a thing, but in my closet it is considering most of my dresses are prom and social dresses). I could see this being a day dress or an evening dress, depending on how you dress it up.  I only have 2 other black dresses, which are very formal,  so this little number will fit in my closet perfectly. I was glad I sized up and got a large, because it fit perfectly. The brand is  Moon, who I have not heard of, but the quality of the fabric is very good and I can’t wait to wear it.


I was a bit surprised to get this t sweater in April, but nonetheless I am in love with it.  Fall is truly my favorite time of year, and this will be perfect to pair with my LuLaRoe leggings and Bailey Button UGG boots ( I am a basic white girl, I know….I know). I can see myself wearing it, snuggling up on my couch with my favorite FootSac (it’s a blanket with pockets for your feet, from LoveSac) and a cup of hot cocoa in front of my fireplace (should we ever get the new receiver we’ve been waiting for since November that’s on undetermined back order). The fabric again is great quality and comforatable. It fits perfectly and again I am glad I sized up. The brand is again something unfamiliar to me, Blue Pepper.  I tried looking it up on, but couldn’t find it. I would guess it might be about $30 or $40 since those are pretty normal prices for garments on there.

$15 for a pair of shoes that cost $59.99
$20 for a dress that cost about $59.99 or more
$20 for a sweater that costs about $30 or more
Total with shipping cost $59.00 for all 3 items which would cost about $150 (an estimate)

Overall, I was very impressed with my items, especially for the price. I think I it is safe to say should the Stylish Surprise come around again, I will be purchasing it again.  It’s a great way to try out something new without breaking the bank, and should you get something you don’t like you can always exchange online through one of the ModCloth BST groups, or sell it.  ModCloth itself will not exchange or return since all sales are final on the Stylish Surprise, which is why I joined the BST group on Facebook. If you would like to be notified of the next time a Stylish Surprise comes around, I suggest getting on the notification list from or join ModCloth for their newsletter, and when it does come around, make sure you order FAST. I ordered as soon as I saw, and every size was available, but many people have claimed that they had trouble finding their size because they sell out so quickly.


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