Ipsy: March Bag Review

So, my first bag from Ipsy was a win. I loved the leave in conditioning hair item, I loved my lip gloss,  loved the  nail polish- the only thing I did not care for was the eye pencil and the under eye concealer.  Overall, I reviewed the items and the bag and was happy.  I even loved the pixel envelope design of the make up bag.

March was a bit of a let down for me.   I was excited to try the Illamasqua  liquid liner, and was pretty impressed at the buffer/file I received, but what was this toner stuff? The Make Up Forever Primer looks good, but I typically don’t use primer unless I am doing something where I am going to be photographed.

Below is a picture of my March Bag:

The Pixi by Petra blush is Rose Gold, what I have noticed as a predominant color this spring. Rose Gold is EVERYWHERE, and while I do love the color itself, I fear that the blush I received too light. I am pretty fair, and I used the darker shade of the duo, and really did not notice that much of a difference by itself. Maybe in conjunction with a contoured look it might work well, but that will have to be determined some other time.

The Illamasqua liquid liner in Jet Black looked promising; I absolutely love liquid eye liner, and eye markers, so this being a fine tip would be perfect for helping me achieve my ever sought after perfect cat eye. I attempted to line my eyes, after going almost a month without eye liner altogether (my right eye was being very twitchy, so I was giving it a break).  I had some issues with keeping my hand steady, and blinking, and that’s when I discovered just how smudgy this was.  I kept having to erase it, to try and make it match my other eye, and this stuff got everywhere.  When I finally got it to match ( the struggle is real), I happily went on with my day. I was delievering hoagies for a fundraiser with my grandmother, and then that night we were attending a community event together.  Before entering the event, I briefly checked my make up in the mirror and saw that despite my best efforts of not touching my eyes, the eyeliner had deteriorated and smudged.  I tried using it again when I just wanted a little definition around my eyes before going out to dinner,  and encountered smudge city.  I think the only way I will use this will be if I layer it over top of my eye marker I normally use, to deepen the pigment, but obviously it didn’t stand up to being what I had hoped.

The 28 Remedy skincare toner was new for me. I had never used Toner, and after some research I determined I was supposed to use it before applying my moisturizer or primer. I have used it to prep before using my moisturizer, and it seems to help it sink in better, but I don’t know if I will use it or any product similar to it again. I currently use Fresh’s Lotus Moisturizing with Super 7 Anti Aging, and while I paid $42 for it, and use it every day, I was much happier when I tried a sample of Philosophy’s Renewed Hope In A Jar ( which costs a whopping $47), and plan on purchasing that once my Lotus cream runs out.

I have not actually used the nail buffer/file yet, so I can’t comment on that.

I saw that Ipsy posted it’s spoilers for some items that may be in the April bag, and they look like a better batch to me, so hopefully it will be, since I wasn’t overwhelmed with March’s bag.


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