FabFitFun: Spring 2016

Since I signed up in February, an off quarter month, I was shipped a Welcome Box.

In my Welcome Box, I received some of the customer favorites:
The CosmoBody Jump rope, a beautiful $100 necklace from Wren, Tibetan Goji Berry Anti Aging Eye Serum, Ear buds, Gorge Miracle Leave In hair product, etc. I  don’t really even like gold jewelary, but I LOVE my heart pendant. I don’t normally use Eye Serum, but an $88 full size tube, yes I will apparently like that…(champagne taste on a ginger ale budget).

 For the most part I liked my Welcome box, so I was eager to see what a full seasonal box would be like.

First off, I would like to say that when my Welcome Box shipped, I got an email right away telling me it had shipped. After I was charged for my March Box, I knew when my box was supposed to ship, but after  no email, I decided to write to FFF’s customer service to ask them to check on the status of my box, which they did and send me tracking number. I never did get my email that it had been shipped until the day BEFORE I received the box.

The first thing I noticed upon opening was the exploded product. I thought it may have just squirted out, which is no big deal, but further investigation proved that the bottle was completely cracked and leaking. I wrote to FFF’s customer service, and they are sending me a replacement free of charge. The product is Hello Legs, a shaving butter, which I was and still am excited to try out.

  Setting the busted product aside, I continued on my journey.

I was very excited to get the Kitchen Herb Garden Kit, which I had seen in the spoilers post of My Subscription Addiction.com. I received:
Kitchen Herb Garden Kit with basil, thyme and mint, BodiPure Keratin gloves and socks treatment, a yoga strap/exercise strap, Marrakesh Argan and Hemp Oil for hair, a $30 gift certificate to SterlingForever.com. a $25 gift certificate to  31bits.com, a bath bomb trio from Jus D ‘Amour, another gold plated necklace from a different company that has the word dream written on it, and probably my favorite item of the bunch, a contouring kit from ISH.
   I was very excited to get this contouring kit, because I had literally just visited Sephora days earlier for a lesson on what contouring is and how to do it, and had the woman write down the kit and colors she used, which I did not buy at the time. (She used SmashBox palette which is $45) I inquired abut contouring because when I go to DragonCon in September, I want to step my Ariel game up and have a flawless Disney look. I also plan on dressing as Poison Ivy one day, and had seen some impressive tutorials for contouring on pinterest for even contouring your cleavage. ( I know I don’t need any help in that department, but I’d like them to look flawless too when I get into my my Poison Ivy bodysuit).  I’m naturally a hair junkie, so this sleek and shiny hair oil with Argan oil and Hemp oil makes me pretty happy.  My mom worked in hair salons up until she passed away as a receptionist/inventory assistant, so I grew up in the salon environment from a young age, which is why I think I am obsessed with this particular niche of the services industry.  The smell of hair spray, nail polish and shampoo are equivalent to the smell of home for me. No body is more obsessed with their hair than me. I have been known to spend loads of money on shampoo and hair treatments.  This oil can be used on wet or dry hair, and I used it on wet hair the other day. It has an exotic hemp-ish smell, which isn’t bad in my opinion, but if your sensitive to strong smells I’d steer clear.  I noticed immediately upon  drying my hair, that it was sleek, straight and silky; almost similar to the way it feels after I use It’s a 10. I will definitely be using this as my new oil, and can’t wait to try it on my hair after I flat iron it.
  This  little mantra card was the sweetet. I am definitely going to have to read this every day, to remind myself of these things.  I can’t speak for the keratin gloves or socks yet, but I am dying to try them.
  I am really excited to try these bath bombs. I have not tried a bath bomb before, period. Once my bathroom is finished getting remodeled (hopefully soon), and I have access to my brand new tub, you can bet I’ll be trying these out.  Just checking them out in their packaging, they smell AMAZING.

Overall, the box had a value of over $250, which isn’t bad considering I paid $50.  I have said that if I get items in any of my subscription packages that I do NOT like personally for myself, I would put them aside and give them as gifts, because in all honesty the price of some of the items alone would make them decent gifts.  I am always looking for the quirkiest,  most unique gifts for people, and I love trying out new brands and products. I am interested in seeing how the Hello Legs product works out, and if it holds up to my favorite shaving cream. ( I get my favorite shaving cream from Trader Joe’s for a whopping $3.99, no joke. It’s smooth, doesn’t clog my razor, smells deliscious from the mango and honey in it, and moisturizes my skin so I’m not itchy or dry after).

The next seasonal box will be June, so I’ve got a couple months until the next delivery. I plan on trying FFF for the year, and after that if I find I really like it, I’ll keep it. If not, I will cancel and try a different subscription service.


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