Review: DeadPool 


I am sure by now, you are well aware that Deadpool has made his mark. With an extremely well received opening weekend ($135 million), if you didn’t see the movie, you definitely heard about it. A lot of people are talking about wheather you should or should not take your kid to see the movie, which is a debate on it’s own and I will get to that opinion later.  First, I’d like to talk about the movie.

I loved it. Period.  Deadpool is not necessarily the hero, but the anti-hero. He blatantly says that he’s a bad guy who just takes out bigger bad guys. In the hero landscape of the MCU, having someone as ballsy and arrogant as Deadpool , is a fresh perspective. I wasn’t as well versed in the comic version as I should be, but aside from that I was able to enjoy the movie as I hoped I would.  Yes, there is a lot of swearing, f bombs, sexual references, violence, gore- hell there is even a naked fight scene (spoiler!) The bottom line is I feel Deadpool delievers to it’s fans and the hype. I am glad that they were able to have a R rating, and such good numbers at the box office. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the kid friendly Marvel movies myself, and I am a huge fan, but it’s nice to have a comic book movie specifically geared to it’s older audience. It’s also nice to sit and watch a movie without a bunch of kids in the theater.

Should you take your kids? A lot of people are siding on the side of No, and that is the side I am on. Kids don’t have a place in a rated R movie, and I don’t think a rated R movie needs to be toned down to attract a younger audience. That’s not to say that kids won’t see it somehow, but I do think they should be kept out of the theater, regardless in an adult is with them.  On the other hand, I think it depends on the kids themselves. I read a really interesting article about a woman who took her 11 and 13 year old honor roll students to see the movie, and she listed her reasons why she didn’t regret taking them. (6 Reasons I Took My Kids To See Deadpool)
While I think the mom who wrote the article shares some valid poiants, not all kids are her kids, and they are somewhat older to begin with, both in age and from the sounds of it, maturity.  This debate for me, is an old one, and I remember going to see Halloween in the theaters with an adult (parent of a friend) when I was probably about 10 or 11.  I also saw Scream at a friends house during a sleepover. My point is, while I was too young to probably see these movies, I still saw them, regardless. My mom found out I saw these movies, and I was still ok.   I personally can’t tell you how to parent,  I don’t have kids.  If the movie comes out on DVD and Blue Ray, and you let them watch it with you or in the privacy of their own home, or at a sleepover or whatever that is fine, that is up to you;  but don’t take your kid to a movie theater to see the rated R movie.

All in all,  I really liked the movie, and would recommend it to my older friends.   I gove it 5 stars personally, because it delievered in every manner it promised.


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