The Illuminati&Annunaki

July 19, 2008 at 8:19 pm (Uncategorized)

The Illuminati&Annunaki
      Are you part of it?
      By Kailyn Trainer
You may very well be and jsut dont know it yet. But first off, what IS the Illuminati?
The Illuminati is a Elite group of people with “preserved bloodlines”. This Elite group has left tracks  in everything around us to everything we see and do, symbols  we would never recognize unless we WERE an illuminati. If You know about them,  you Know the  synmbols are  such things like  “a circle with a star” , or  a circe cross… also known in our culture as a pentacle, and a peace sign. Yeah. those are jsut 2 examples.
the most predominaant  Illuminati Symbol is the pyrmid and the all seeing eye. You know, the dollar bill, freemasons…

But that still ahsnt explained WHO they Illuminati are and If I’m one of them.
Well if you were  a  hippie, you praised the illuminati peace symbol did you not? and if your a witch, practicing white or black magic, you still use  a demonic  version of the pentacle[black magic]  or the white magic[ regular version for protectio]  pentacle, do you not? Even physchics who read cards, know the suit of pentacles.
But there are more   groups that belong to this “elite group” that arent so “common” as withcs and hippies.
Think governemnt officials, royalty, knights templar,freemasons..
 know anyone  in your family who was a freemason or knights templar?
Well these groups were   under strict regulation  in the olden days and even so today to not talk about the happenings of waht goes  on in their little glee club so to speak.  such groups as those Ive mentioned also were adament about having a preserved bloodline, soemthing that dates back all the way to the days of kings and queens in the middle ages, and prior to the that, to the days of the Egyptians, when the Annunaki were in rule…or so its been suspected anyway.

Part of the Annunaki theory is that The hierarchy of the Annunakis,  theyir  elite structure, they created towered down as our structure does today with those at the top  those in the middle, those below them, and those on the bottom.  The top ranked Annunakis, os I should say during the time of Egyptians, some Annunakis had already interbred with our species and thus thats why we were here  in human hybrid form to begin with; most annunakis  were adament about preserving  our bloodline. Sounds familiar dosnt it. Pharos marrying their sisters to keep the bloodline going? were they annunakis, illuminati, or jsut plain weird?
Answer I have for you is Annunakis and Illuminati are one in the same. Anytime you heard that   pattern of bloodline preservation it had to do with the Annunakis.  The Illuminati is a elite group yes,  forged alliance betweeen the annunakis and possibly aliens of other planets I dont know; and us, teh descendants of the Annunakis. The Annunakis left us after the flood; or as I like to call it the “downfall of Atlantis”. They were hoping to wipe our race out; make us extinct, along with the other annunakis who were still serving them here. WWhy? because we were their slaves, and we rebelled,  so they left the center of Atlantis and   hoping in their leave  we would all die, but when that didnt happen, all they could do is watch us.  When You have a baby, he or she is in the h ospital for at least a week provided nothing is wrong, but they still need to keep teh baby there to make sure all its itnernal organs are working correctly and its breathign correctly and everything is working properly. As the child gets older you continue to bring them to the hospital, but not as frequently, maybey like  once every  year for a checkup or if they are sick.  We are the Annunaki’s children, and thhey are always cheking up on us, making sure everything is working. Always.  They send  Grays, medical  aliens if you will, who are the  abductors in most abductions, or visitations.   Yeah. you heard me.

Whats this gotto do with the Illuminati?
Illuminati means “Illuminated ones of Knowledge”. Which  is quite appropriate being as our knowledge holders come from a planet that isnt actually a planet, its a dwarf star. The advanced technology these aliens have,  our government indeed knows about,  because they are working with them. Otherwise there’d be no reason for the government to hide Area 51 and recover UFO’s and reverse engineer them. It’ s been stated by  those who wanted to keep their identity annonymous,  who worked for the governemnt we have been told about technology that the aliens have, but refused some of it, due to the  drain it would put on our  nation’s wealth.
Honestly if there REALLY WAS  a cheaper solution to  power vehicles than burning gas or ethanol, I  mean  you could  fly your car like you see in movies  like “The Island”,  immagine- the oil industry would be done for, the automobile industry wouldbe severely damaged[theyd have to make all new cars with new  technology], gas stations wouldnt be of use anymore so there go the pople that work there.. it would  be  huge. Huge in a sense the  nation and worlds wealth would take a severe hit. I dont think our world leaders want to take that risk just yet do you?
Technology has been given to us by our Alien buddies  it seems since the dawn of time,  the coffee fileter was actually a product of alien technology. It was created from a filter liek device used to  purify water and drinks on a spaceship that crashed here ; which we recovered and were reverse engineering. it didnt look like it does today,  but putting a murkey colored  water into this device,  crystal clear water came out.

Theres alot of theories about the Illuminati being tied up in  worldwide events, and national events such as  The War in Iraq and 9/11.
I cant say those things arent true nor can I say they are,  but I can say evidence provides just as much  holding for it to be true, as those who wouldnt like it to be.
If you know anything about the Annunaki, you know the discovery of the Annunaki was from ancient Sumerian tablets in  what else, Aumer, or as we know it today; Southern Iraq.  Sumer was the first civilizition on this planet, and the advanced knowledge the sumerians had  was astounding. Their astrological knowledge was  amazing, they knew our location in the solar system and counted 12 planets, our plant being the 7th  INWARDS, they also counted the sun and the moon as  planets, and a planet out past plutos’s orbit called Nibiru, which means “Planet of the crossing”. Statues, tablets, and  many other types of artifacts were found in “ancient sumer”    the most  interesting were the tablets, which told stories that seemed relatively similiar to that of the stories we hear in the bible, but what makes it so interesting is Sumer being the first civilization had recorded these  at least 4,000 years before  the bible was ever written. kinda weird if you ask me. I should also make note that Sumerians were the first civilizations ever to come up with a form of writing[cunieform script] and mathematics. Are they jsut overachievers or is it me? In the tablets, the Sumerians said they obtained their knowledge from the Annunaki. hmm theires that name again.
Babylon  is also part of ancient Mesopotamia,  and you might or might know about the  anicent gods and goddesses instilled on the Gates of Babylon.  Ishtan,Marduk,etc are translated from Bayblonian as God of the Moon, or Godess of Venus.  The Gates are  praising gods of the heavens, far far awy in our solar system.  A particular Gate, The Gate of Ishtar was comissioned by King Neubachadnezzar and  he even stood under it and    dictated to his troops before battles. Its said Ishtar would take husbands or men up to her heavens, and men feared her beauty, for any man who left itwh her never came back alive.  Babylon recently was  looted by some of our  troops who were stationed there,  and historical items foudn there…were put up for auction on ebay and sold. Some items made it to the museum, but sadly the museum was broken into and  most of the items were stolen.
It’s believed that Saddam Hussein had discovered alien technology in babylon/sumer , I’m talking big technology, like think  inactive stargate…
and the U.S wanted to get their hands on it, before Saddam could use it, or do anythign with it. Let’s fce it, technology no matter how powerful it is, if it falls in the wrong hands, could be very very bad.
Its a supposed theory that this is really what our war is over. I cant say there is any truth to theory, especially since the governemnt denies all ufo sightings, and calls them weather ballons, or test missiles.

There have been countless out of work governement and military officials, even astronauts, coming clean on the record about the things they saw while they worked for teh governement. An Apollo 13 astronaut cleanly admitted  seeing a alien base on our moon, in which  NASA  did not allow to eb photogrpahed, and  had VIDEO FOOTAGE OF HIS OWN,  of saucers flying over our moon IN SPACE.   Agents who calim ” the men in black” really do exist, and tell us wht the job entailed, and what they did, what they saw, Military officials who claim they had been promoted to top secret   jobs where they were scared for the thigns they saw, and the  superior officers told them something different. Military officers on their deathbed, admitting the  reality of the situations, to leaked area 51 footage.

One things for sure, the Illuminati and the Annunaki are  in deed one in the same.
I believe it was stated in a documentary, the question back in the 40’s was “do aliens exist and if they do do they come from mars? or venus?”
today the questions is “do they coem from antoher dimension?”
its no doubt; in my mind at least, that aliens do exist, its a more logical explantion i think to the reason we’re here. It dosnt knowck out gods theory completely either, because  even if i dont elieve god created us entirely, someone had to create our ancestors did they not?
so in fact god had to create the annunakis; chew on that why dontcha.
   I hope this article on the Illuminati and the Annunaki  informed you.
Ive never been one to be good with the topics of aliens, and ufos, quiet frankly  I was always afraid of documentaries and  tv shows liek the x files  and  movies of the such. Since ET,  If I watch a  alien related movie or show, It kept me up at  nite and I worried   they were outside my window, watching me.. but when I found out about the annunaki, I didnt feel  as scared of the things i couldnt explain or didnt know anymore.  I felt like   a piece of information id lost had been given back to me. Maybey just maybey   my articles will do that for you.


  1. Felton Barch said,

    Black page with grey text — small fonts. Do you want people to read this?
    How about more CONTRAST and LARGER FONTS?
    Then maybe i will read your opinings.
    I would rather die in the conflagration that you seem to be pitching instead of being tortured to madness by your piss poor presentation.

  2. iris said,

    i know what you say is true. i realy do not care about presentation as the other guy wrote. the truth is the truth. in my many years of research i found the same answers then you and more.

    with kind regards iris

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